What’s Your Hair Story?

I was raised by my great-grandmother, aka “Mama”,  in Indiantown, FL. We were po' not (poor), but rich with love! Hair care consisted of mama washing my hair using bar soap or laundry detergent in a pinch; hair conditioner was unheard-of in my world.  Afterwards, she would do the famous three plaits. Use your imagination for a moment, there was a top plait, a left-side plait and a right-side plait.  I hated all three of those darn plaits, but when she tied those pink ribbons at the base of each plait and added my little pretty hair bows, whew chile, she gave my plaits life!!!  I think the most special moments of all were actually the most damaging to my hair and that occurred on Easter and during special events at church. Mama would straighten my hair with a hot comb using cooking lard or Vaseline for hair grease. The grease would be popping, burning ears, nape, forehead and her, too. But, it was all we had and all she knew.

I was around 11 yrs. old when mama surrendered my hair-care regimen to me.  I vowed to never straighten my hair using Vaseline or cooking lard. Yeap, I was now using hair grease to straighten my hair! Unknowingly, I had adopted the same ominous hair habits and continued to damage my hair.  By the time I was in my mid-teens, I ditched the straighten hot comb and did my first box relaxer. I was hooked on that ear-burning creamy goodness, and I loved how my hair appear much longer; it made it so much easier to manage. I was a hair-relaxer  novice that didn’t adhere to the ‘how-to-apply’ instructions because I was more concerned with making my hair bone straight; I loved it. I would leave the relaxer  on too long causing scalp burns, and this caused further damage to my hair. Eventually, I  got tired of the relaxer and decided to get a Jerri Curl. Oh, no one could tell me nothing because I was a superstar with my Jerri Curl. But, the Jerri Curl was very expensive to maintain, and I got tired of the curl activator staining my clothes and everybody tripping when I sat on their furniture. I can hear them now, “Chile, let me give you a towel ‘cause I don’t want you coming over here staining my furniture and stuff!”

After a few years, I ditched the Jerri Curl and tried going back natural for a little while, but that 4c would bring tears to my eyes while trying to comb it. Eventually, I went back to the box relaxer because it made my hair easier to manage,  it was less maintenance and more affordable  than the Jerri Curl. I was no longer a relaxer novice, I had more experience with how to apply it, and I adhered to the instructions on how long to leave it in my hair. Rarely did I get scalp burns. I often got protective styles to avoid having to style my hair daily, and it allowed me to extend the retouch timeframe.  My hair grew nicely with the relaxer reaching back length; I was very proud and happy with my hair growth!  I became a little stingy with clipping my ends, but my hair was healthy.

Then, in 2018, I lost both my parents to cancer six-weeks apart, and one of my  sibling’s died unexpectedly all within a five-month timeframe!  The following year, my mom’s sister passed. In September of the same year, my husband’s mother passed, and my daughter’s father passed  two-months later.  I was coping with a lot as best I could. Then, the situation worsen with another form of undue, unbearable stress that resulted in Stress Alopecia.  Within  a matter of months, Stress Alopecia had claimed all of my hair; it was literally falling out by the handful. You can read about it in “ABOUT US”.  To add insult to injury, I even began developing smooth bald patches throughout my head. This ordeal rendered me emotionally devastated, embarrassed and depressed! There was no certainty if or how my hair would even regrow!  

My husband and I prayed for God to bless us with creating something to regrow my hair.  The power of prayer is amazing!  God has truly blessed ‘Honest Growth, LLC’ hair-growth products! Our handcrafted serums and growth mists are regrowing my hair, and my husband’s male-pattern baldness. They continue to be a blessing to all our customers just as they are to us. Our customers are seeing impressive results and they’re getting back their ‘HairConfidence’ and ‘HairEsteem’. We truly thank you for trusting us with your hair-growth needs.  We’re excited to be on this journey with you! Please take lots of before pictures to help record your hair-growth success. Then, come back and share your pictures and hair-growth success story in our Product Reviews to help serve as an inspiration to others!

Please feel welcome to leave a comment or share your ‘Hair Story’ with our Audience.

Stay Blessed!❤️





  • Thank You Thank You Thank You! For real though your hair serum work and it work fast. I aint going nowhere else.

  • hello! i love your serums. i didn’t get the spray when i first bought, but i’ll get the hair grow spray while you have the 20% off sale. i bought the sunrise and the after dark serum last month when you had buy one get one free. not even two weeks and i got edges. please don’t change nothing because it works and you got my edges growing. thank you from the bottom of my heart cause nothing else was working.

  • You just made me very happy. I been stalking your store hoping that the bundle go on sale. And something said go o honest growth and here it’s on sale. I read someone said it last almost two months and that’s a good deal. My edges just so bad I’m just embarrassed by them. I can’t wait to receive my bundle. Thank you for what I see results from your other customers I trust the same for me. Goodbye / Mary Lynne

    Mary Lynne
  • Ms. Ceo bravo to you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry about the lost of your family members and your hair ordeal. I just bought your Sunrise and After Dark Duo for my thinning crown. I can’t wait to start using the serum because my crown is almost gone. I love the background music. It’s different. I really love your entire website and I signed up. Good luck to you!

    Carla S.
  • I purchase the two serums combo and the three sprays so I could share the sprays with someone. The products do work. I was losing my hair up in the top of my head and it is really growing back in with your products. I don’t need to use alot of it on my hair and I do like that. I been using mines for 6 weeks and I still got a little more in my bottles, but since you got the sale to buy one serum I can get another serum for free I will buy again on Friday. Will you be adding some more products for your customers? I am interested if you do.


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