The founder was enduring the painful loss of both her parents to cancer and a sibling’s sudden death, all within a five-month timeframe! All of which were coupled with an additional form of unbearable stress that caused Stress Alopecia resulting in losing all of her hair.

It had taken several years to grow her back-length hair, but stress alopecia had claimed all of it within a matter of several months. Her hair was literally falling out by the handful, and to add insult to injury, she even began developing smooth bald patches throughout her head. Emotionally devastated, embarrassed and depressed by this ordeal, she and her husband prayed to God for a blessing to create something to help regrow her hair.

She began researching organic/natural ingredients for hair regrowth remedies. In God’s timing, their answered prayer resulted in the creation of their Organic/Natural - Ayurvedic Hair-Growth Products. After seeing impressive results from using her creation, she suggested that her husband use it for his male-pattern baldness.

After several months of usage, both of them were experiencing amazing hair-regrowth results. Their results coupled with their customers satisfaction and hair-growth testimonials confirmed that God had truly blessed them with their creation, and they knew it could also serve as a blessing to others suffering from damaged/hair loss related issues for various reasons.

So, they decided to create Honest Growth, LLC and make their products available to anyone who could benefit from their blessed handcrafted creation. Their hair-growth products ingredients are organic and natural without the use of chemicals, perfumes or dyes. Their hair-growth products are suitable for all genders, ethnicities, hair types, and children 6 yrs. and older.

*This company makes no claims that the use of any of their products are a cure for any medical conditions. Therefore, their usage should not override any medical advice given by a healthcare  provider.

Stay Blessed ❤️