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Results within 14 days of consistent use!

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You Don’t Have to Suffer Any Longer From:

•Alopecia •No Edges •Bald Spots •Hair Loss •Slow-Growth Hair  •Thinning Hair •Postpartum Hair Loss •Hair Breakage •Dry & Itchy Scalp •Dry & Brittle Hair •Low-Density Hair •Nape-Hair Breakage •Dry/Itchy/Patchy Beard

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How to apply:

***See results within 14 days with consistent use of our 'Growth Mists' with the ‘Growth Serums’, and achieve optimal follicle stimulation and penetration of our 'Growth Serums.’***

1. Slightly mist the scalp area with the 'Growth Mist' before applying the ‘Growth Serum’.

2. Use the dropper applicator to apply the 'Growth Serum' to your problem area/s, and very gently massage into the scalp area. *Can be applied to scalp area while wearing projective-style braids or weave.

3. Each 'Growth Serum' can be used alone, but we recommend daily use of the 'Sunrise' during the a.m. and the 'After Dark' during the p.m., to achieve results within 14 days, and for optimal results in achieving your hair-growth goal.

*Be Consistent. "Do Your Part...It Will Do Its Job." tm

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Sunrise & After-Dark Duo - Rated #1 in stopping hair loss & regrowing hair!

50% Off!  Buy Sunrise &  Get After-Dark 1/2 Price   -  Rated #1 for: •Alopecia •Growth/Retention •Edges •Postpartum Hair Loss •Bald Spots  & More! www.HonestGrowthLLC.com

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Ayurvedic Growth-Mist Trio!

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Whats Your Hair Story?

What’s Your Hair Story?

The power of prayer is amazing! God has truly blessed ‘Honest Growth, LLC’ hair-growth products!  Our customers are seeing impressive results and t...

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